Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Just got back from a friend's wedding (well, actually, from a friend's wedding reception). I had to hang out here at the office because at this time (9:31pm), traffic still sucks! yeah, and I had to take a cab cuz of all these pre-wedding costume changes.

I was gonna post my fabulous pics from my bora trip, but then for some reason, I got so pikon when some very private pics were "stolen" from my pc. Now I know how these hollywood pips get so ines when the razzis start taking their photos without their consent. Duh! there's a reason why it's stored in one's "PERSONAL COMPUTER" cuz it's supposed to be PERSONAL!

It was me in a towel! What could you possibly get from that except annoy those who you will show it to! I purposely not emailed it to anyone because of the simple fact that it could get out. I didn't email it to my bestfriend of 11 years, because i didn't want it to get out!

Hindi naman sa nag fi-feeling ako or what. Hello, alam kong minsan umaangulo akong derek ramsay, pero naman hindi pa well-toned ang muscles ko. kahiya sa ibang taong hindi ko naman kaibigan, na makakita di ba? And hindi ko naman pinagkakailang ipakita ang pics na yun cuz it was supposed to be taken for fun. Na pag pinakita ko sa ibang tao, matatawa sila. In other words, punchline ko yun, Ako dapat nagpapakita! Wag kang mang agaw ng punchline! kung wala kang sense of humor eh tigilan ang pag eeffort na magpatawa using other people's punchline!

See, i really don't mind about other people seeing the pics. I took those so that others could see it and they end up laughing, if not nauseated, either way, i get the kicks out of it!

My thing really is, the pics were not suppose to leave my workstation. The operative word being MY. I just hate the feeling that people can actually get personal stuff from my workstation and pronounce to everyone that it's actually cool to do that! I've worked here for 2 years and I've never done that to anyone's workstation, because no one is supposed to do that!

And now, I have to do this "standby mode" every time i leave my desk for fear of other files, personal or otherwise, being downloaded from my workstation, and spread around like a joke! Arggggh, i hate not trusting the people i work with! kaines di ba, parang something was taken away from me. It's not the pics, but the freedom of trusting the people around you!

Sorry, if i'm making a big deal out of this, pero kase, major violation yun eh, hindi na nga sa code of discipline cuz i'm not really a big fan of issuing memos, pero more of a personal violation. i mean, di ba, ni-share ko na nga eh, pinakita ko na eh! hindi pa be enough yun! kaines di ba!

People would argue na, "ano ka ba, hello, gawin bang big deal, pictures lang yan, eh palage namang bukas yung workstation mo, tapos pinakita mo pa to everyone, so anong binoblog mo jan".

But precisely my point, the reason i leave my workstation on, kahit may financials jan, is i trust the people around me! because i don't do that to other people! i don't go on downloading personal documents from other people's workstation, because there is no reason for me to do it! And now, i can't do it anymore! grrrrrr!

That is why i'm so pikon! Ang conscious ko na ngayon sa pc ko! Haaay buti na lang at may christmas party para ma divert ang attention ko!

sige na at kailangan ko pang i-standby mode tong pc ko!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

my bora sunset

i tried to duplicate my galera sunset (which is perfection, pero since di pa digital camera nun, never ko atang mauupload dahil hindi ako marunong mag scan). so here's the bora version:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Thursday, June 15, 2006

on blog leave

i'm on blog leave...... i'll try to be back soon! or i'll see you in an all new blog!

God Bless!!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2005



GALENG!!!! You should have seen their performance, SPECTACULAR!

Anyway, eto mga pics na ninakaw ko sa ibang sites, hehehehehe

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Friday, September 02, 2005

Buhay Extra

My friend Mina's officemate, Tin, has an EP for a mom. So i was offered a plum role - that of the guy who walks from the bar to the table then claps senselessly to the tune of....ooohhhh move your body, move your body, as the alma moreno does her stuff on stage.

we were there from 7pm till about 12midnight. and, mahn, that was one heck of an experience. ang saya! super.

one hitch though, from now on, i have to wear a cap or shades just to maintain my anonymity....bwahahahahahhahaha!!!!!

watch mga anghel na walang langit on abs-cbn, starting next week.... abangan nyo ang kapanapanabik na role ko!

and the kid who plays pepay, ahhhh she's such a darling. sobrang adorable nya. as in, and my gosh, the energy level of that kid --- grabe. galeng sumayaw, just watch the show talaga, galeng nya.

Here's the latest crap, errr... crop of Star Magic Talents

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and btw, promote ko lang, i'll be having mall tours on the ff: dates: September 4, SM Pampanga, September 10 SM Dasmarinas, and October 15, SM MArilao. hwhahahahahaha

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Birthday wish list

Aside from world peace, here's my birthday wish list:

1. Jason Mraz' sophomore album: MR.A-Z. Oh please, somebody grant me this wish!!!!!!! or should i refer to my previous post on PRAYER.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

2. Split Second by David Baldacci - i've been meaning to buy this date pa, kaya lang i haven't finished reading his absolute power pa kaya sabi ko wag muna. pero kung me magbibigay, why not tsoknat!

3. a box of chocolates - you'll never know what you're gonna get

4. a Samsonite luggage - hehehe baket kaya

5. and of course, an IPOD - hahahha asa pa ko na me magbibigay sa ken nito, pero again, the power of prayers, wooohoooo!!!!

Survivor Guatemala: The Maya Empire

Gosh, it's so near! September 16 na! Yahoooooooooo!!!!!!

And you know what else???? Stephenie LaGrossa is back!!!!!! She'll be joining the contestants (with Bobby Jon Drinkard, also from Survivor Palau). It's not clear though if they (Steph and BJ) will be competing or will be some sort of mentors for the tribes. Whatever, for as long as she's there. She was the reason I watched Survivor Palau.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and the contestants (accdg to spoilers, steph and bj will be the surprise contestants twist)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and of course, STEPHENIE!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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